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Industrial Projects


Archer Daniels Midland – Spokane WA

Various plant upgrades and New Construction

Add Mill Control & Bins

MCC Replacement

Alcoa – Ferndale, WA

Network Cable to Truck Scales

Alcoa – Troutdale, OR

Electrical High Voltage Isolation

Zoot Enterprises – Bozeman, MT

Micro-Grid and Interconnection of equipment

Alcoa – Wenatchee, WA

Nitrogen Generator Installation

LXE Antenna

Demo High Voltage Feeder

Resistors Crane

North End Rectifier

Rework and Add Lighting

11 N Cable Tray

Remote Control Cranes

Potroom 14 Visual Display

Building 58 Lighting

Bag House

Feedwater Electrical Infrastruture

Add Panel at Bag House

Spent Anode Handling Facility

Green Mill Pitch Fume Treatment

Crucible Cleaner Building

Underground Fiber Optics

REC Solar Grade, Moses Lake, WA

Heat Trace

Temporary Power

FBR Demolition

IPV Camera

Plant Security Upgrade

K204 Temp Facility

K144 –Silane, Fiber Optic, Powder Slurry Bldg, Firewater Pump House

Transformer Cables

Plant 3.0 TCS Pump Instrument Modifications

Upgrade PDF Dust Collector

Install Lighting at Dust Collector Bldg

Install 4000 Amp Breaker Panels

Temporary 480V Pump Power

Wiring for Hydrogen Heater

Cable Tray Replacement

Fire Water Pump Cable Replacement

Install Cable and MCC Bucket

Hot Oil Heater GFCI Upgrade

STC Pump Feeder Replacement

DI Water Skid

Coriolis and Yokogowa Meters

Power to Added Clean Room

Stores Building Expansion

STC Receiving/TCS Distillation

Chemi-Con Materials, Moses Lake, WA

Machine Rework

East Bay Harmonics

Retifier Rework

West Bay Refeed

Chiller Connection

Washington Beef, Kennewick, WA

HVAC Control

Industrial Systems, Spokane, WA

Conveyor Control and Power

Inland Industrial and Rigging, Inc., Spokane, WA

Install two compressors at Noxin Dam


Haakon Industries, Cheney, WA

Supervise electrical portion of HVAC Construction

ASiMI Silicon Plant – Butte, MT

UPS/DCS Control Room

Simulation Control Room

Clean Room

Substation 7E and 7A

Phase IIA – Polyreaction Facility

TIFID – High Voltage Electrical Power Distribution

B.F. Goodrich, Spokane, WA

Cable tray System in Furnace and Utility Building

Phase I Instrumentation

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